HOW TO NOT SMELL: A definitive guide (will be updated as new info is tested)

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HOW TO NOT SMELL: A definitive guide (will be updated as new info is tested)

Post by SuperDry on Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:29 pm

I dont know why I developed this odor problem, but it plagued me for years.I would shower and use deodorant or antiperspirant and I would still smell and not know why.

This afflicted me for about 10 years until last year I decided I would try literally everything, from bentonite clay to alcohol to kill the smell. I think I've finally figured it out - what I did was keep everything that worked and disregard what didn't work.

Along my journey I've made some extremely strange observations.
Here they are:

* Certain things literally come out in your sweat without question. Weed and certain chemicals for example definitely will contribute to armpit odour, meaning that smell is definitely to do with whats being carried in your blood as well
* Certain deodorants make you smell more
* You can smell like another person for more than a few days if your skin is in close contact
* Certain products make my armpits hurt when I use them, but also work very well
* Your smell is a culmination of the smell on your skin (every part of your body), the smell on your clothes that you're wearing, the smell on your armpit hairs and the smell of your actual sweat. This smell can actually build up to the point where you can still smell after a wash. This made me realise that in order to tackle it, my solution may require a persistent effort to basically overpower the smell thats already on my armpits
* Certain things can permanently change and reduce your smell - cigarettes make you smell terrible - the toxins in your blood also come out in your sweat

Based on these observations, I think theres loads we don't know about body odour and so we need to stop thinking about managing sweat conventionally - thinking you need shower, deodorant to smell nice is silly because for loads of people this doesnt work. The way you have to think about your smell is as if you are literally at war with the microorganisms that live inside your armpit (this is and actual thing)

(I'll organise this as if it is a day)

- Shower when you wake up. If you aren't showering at least once a day.. do that. You sweat the most when you sleep and your actual bed is going to smell of you.Remember the microorganisms - youre lying in a nest of them and you need to wash them off. If you sweat a lot, change your sheets once every 2 - 3 days at least. If you really want to smell nice as fuck, you're going to have to become a literal clean freak.

When you shower, if you're not scrubbing with a. decently rough sponge, you won't smell good. Literally scrub HARD under your armpits, especially if you currently have odour problems. You probably have layers of stench under your armpits. I use this rough thing (link: and scrub under each armpit with ivory soap for at least 20 seconds under each armpit. SCRUB THE FUCK out of your ass and skin til you're literally squeaky. Trust me, you will see the dirt when you wash off. The aim is to exfoliate off all the dead skin cells.

Again, it hurts but fuck smelling bad. Don't use shower gel with stupid fragrances and stuff. You want your skin to be CLEAN as fuck and the microorganisms to DIE. I mix in baking soda with the soap and rub it deep in my armpits so I know that bacteria and fungi have a. hard time living. You can also spray some white vinegar or alcohol spray under your armpits if you choose, (choose 1 option don't need all 3), again to kill bacteria.

Another shower tip is too wash off with hot water, but blast with cold water before you get out in order to cool your skin and make your pores close again. If you get out while hot you're going to sweat more.

My towel used to smell a lot but I again started washing it every 2-3 uses. This is rewarding way of measuring your smell because the less your towel smells a day after you used it, the more you know that your actual body doesnt smell.
Make sure you're completely dry before you put clothes on.

If you moisturise, don't put too much on as you're clogging your pores, making you sweat and leave residue for bacteria. I moisturise with coconut oil which has antibacterial properties anyway.

- Clothes - Ever put clothes in the laundry and they still smell when they come out? You're doing laundry wrong. Ever since I discovered this laundry method, I cringe at how I could've worn anything not washed this way. You want to add your normal detergent, then ADD BAKING SODA to the mix. On top of that you want to use fabric softener that smells nice. I just discovered fabric softener and it changed my life. These things will ensure that your washed clothes are always fresh. Another thing I do is spray alcohol under the armpits of my clothes when they are dirty and I have finished wearing them. This stops my laundry basket from smelling (it used to stink) and stops bacteria growing into your clothes that make you smell. Also helps the wash batch.

Now that any clothes you can put on will smell amazing, please remember to never ever put the clothes on if they smell even a bit. Remember, you're a clean freak now and you WILL smell amazing, by force.

Don't wear damp clothes either because they will start to smell of damp.

Now for the protection.
Aim to use 1 thing as a deodorant, 1 thing as an antiperpsirant and 1 thing as a fragrance. When I say deodorant though, I mean something literally removing the door and antiperspirant being 1 thing covering the smell. Its my guide so Ill tell you what I do.

I used to use a product called perspi guard which is literally amazing at stopping sweat but it doesnt work as strongly as it used to on me (still works extremely well, trust me I just sweat lots). You apply it at night and barely sweat all day. It helps with odour, but someone with a keen nose could probably still smell you if you don't wear another choice of deodorant. What I now do is use coconut oil and baking soda. I mix them together into a paste and rub it into my armpits. I literally rub this stuff in for ages. The more you rub, the deeper your pores will be penetrated with the mixture. Imagine literally your armpit being saturated with baking soda. It kind of stings and I cant speak to how healthy this is but 1 thing is for sure, if you do this right you simply won't smell. Don't just dust it on, make sure its dissolved in the coconut oil and RUB IT IN.

Now for your fragrance. If its cologne, more than 3 sprays is excessive. Spray onto wrists then wipe behind ears, maybe torso, pubes and you should be good.

Smells I recommend would be creed aventus (best fragrance I've ever smelled, expensive as fuck), Hugo boss, one million if you're a pleb, etc.

- During the day
Carry around scentless alcohol or antibacterial wipes. If you start to smell, wipe under your armpits, (your crotch and ass as a matter of course when you go to the toilet) and reapply deodorant. I recommend having a 'normal' deodorant that you use as well, just in case its a desperate time.Just choose whatever worked the best before you read this. Again, you really should not smell

- If you know you smell of food (curry) or your house smells, literally change your diet and move house. I know this isn't possible for all, but since I got a car and started living alone, my smell improved greatly. Not relying on anyone to do laundry means you can make sure its always fresh. YOU control your diet. If you're not drinking a lot of water and eating loads of fresh fruit and veg then oh shit bro what are you doing. Try not to eat bad things. The more you pay attention to your body it will teach you.

- Poop regularly. Your bowel is carrying shit and its making you smell a bit more. Use wet wipes when you poop and your asshole will be a lot more fresh and fragrant

- If you're fat, lose weight. I know its not magic, but this could be making you smell.

- Brush teeth hard (electric toothbrush if possible), floss and then mouthwash.

- If your shoes smell, get some shit that kills shoe odors. Also a lot of trainers can be put in the washing machine.

- Use air fresheners and keep room well ventilated - if where you are always at smells fresh, you will smell fresh too, duh.


This is the key part. Every night before you go to bed, wipe your underarms with the antibacterial wipes, then reapply the coconut oil baking soda mixture. Sleep like this and you won't even smell in the morning when you wake up (I used to stink in the morning).

You could also shower at night again before you apply this if you wish. Definitely shower again if you did any kind of physical activity

If you do all these things for like 2 weeks straight (your armpits may kinda burn from the repeated baking soda, sorry haven't got a solution for this yet) you will literally get a fresh smell overlap which could mean that that one day you don't do all this shit, you still smell good.


I think the fact that you can literally pick up someones smell means that body odour is to do with what literally lives on your skin, and smell particles are impossibly small. I know they always say that thing about how its the sweat being broken down that causes the smell, but I literally think there are fungal and bacterial cultures with flora and spores buried within your armpit pores and through contact the organisms can be passed or transmit genes to each other

Additional points: DONT SMOKE, it makes you stink. make sure your armpit it completely bone dry after you wash as water being trapped between your follicles makes you smell, detox is bullshit, traditional antiperspirants suck for your armpit health, vegetarian diet makes you smell nicer, probiotics help you shit and clean out but don't really affect smell, throw away clothes that smell bad if you literally only each fresh fruit and drink water, it drastically helps your smell, try it, buy fresh clothes when you can, old clothes smell, lemons work as a deodorant but not as good as my method.

Feel free to critique anything cited.


Things that DONT work (this section will be updated as the site grows):


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